Discover Your Authentic Self with Ardis Hoffman, Authentic Life Coach, Executive Director C7i

Thursday, February 6th
6:30 – 8:00pm
Board Room, Third Street Center,
520 Third Street, Carbondale

Free Intro to Authentic Life Expression

In order to love our self, we need to know who we are. Starting as children, we learn to adopt and pattern others’ behavior, in order to be seen and loved in our family. These “adopted” beliefs make it confusing to figure out who we really are. We end up choosing wrong relationships and work, based on these beliefs. In other words, we sabotage ourselves as adults, because we were not seen as children! We have glimpses of being authentic when we are experiencing joy and balance. When we are not being authentic, we feel fear, confusion, doubt, anxiety, etc. In 2004 I learned about this amazing work by Larry Byram and Higher Alignment.

Ardis Hoffman 2From Ardis: “I discovered who I was, authentically, through a profiling process that identified my Compatibility Factors. Once I learned who I am, I grew into my authentic self. My life is happier and all of my relationships improved. Most importantly I changed how I was raising my kids, and allowed them to be their authentic selves.”

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Ardis Hoffman is a certified Master Coach and Trainer in Alignment Technologies (a human consciousness technology) and Authentic Life Coach.

More information at or call Ardis at 303-305-9664.