TUESDAY NIGHTS Weekly Mindfulness Group

Every Tuesday Evening
7:30-8:30 pm
1154 Highway 133, (Next to The Blend),

MLP Logo SmallestA mindfulness group to support your daily practice

Mindfulness is not simply learning to be present in the moment, it is the ability to be present with clarity and discernment – to be able to experience life (events, people, thoughts and emotions) consciously and respond with wisdom. When you are mindful, you are able to cultivate beneficial tendencies and eliminate unhealthy ones.

The Tuesday night group is a casual gathering to support your mindfulness practice and build a community to connect with. Each evening begins with a meditation and is followed by a group dialogue sharing our experiences of living a mindful life. While there’s no formal teaching, it’s a chance to explore and share your experiences safely within a caring community.

The Mindful Life Program hosts this group as a support to those who engage in mindful living and meditation. Our programs are based on the mindfulness course developed by John Bruna and Mark Molony that provide you with skills that are practical, accessible, universal and empower you to engage in the moments of your life with attention and intention.

A meaningful life is lived with attention and intention.

Call 970-633-0163 or go to www.mindfullifeprogram.com for more information.