More Money Magic with Dana Stovern

“Treasure Chest Sneak Peak –Transform Your Money Destiny Quantum Light Money Program”
Saturday, August 9, 2014
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with 30 minute snack/lunch break
Calaway Room, Third Street Center,
520 South Third Street, Carbondale

Join Dana Stovern, spiritual coach and soul advocate, for a live, interactive workshop giving you access to your money power.

Since Stovern’s profound experience in 2011, she has gradually channeled, researched, practiced and assembled experiential information that gives individuals access to their personal metaphysical money power – money magic.

She’ll be sharing this information with you via sneak peak highlights from her Treasure Chest Quantum Light Money Program. This means that you get exploratory insight into your spiritual money relationship with:
#1 How To Access Your Quantum Light Field For Soul Money Contract Work.
#2: How To Access The Heart Of Your (Money) Wounds & Why This is Transformational and Powerful (Healing)
#3: Identifying The Twelve Primary Karmic Money Soul Contracts.
#4: Rewrite Your Karmic Money Soul Contracts Into Destiny Money Soul Contracts.
#5: Divine Financial/Money Guidance – Don’t Leave Home Without Them!
#6: Putting It All Together

This is exciting, live access to leading edge experiential information in the spiritual money genre that will give you a deeper, more intricate understanding of what drives your money relationship. It’s a can’t-miss experience — please be sure to join us!

Dava Stovern, Spiritual Coach

Dava Stovern, Spiritual Coach

Dana Stovern is the creator of The Chakra Money Reading, an intuitive vehicle accessing her clients’ unconscious money stories, for greater transformational work. She has practiced in Colorado as an intuitive for nearly eight years, providing thousands of session hours to hundreds of clients. Dana lives in Paonia, Colorado with her husband, their four-legged family and a million bees.

FEE: $135/person

For more details and to register contact Dana at 970-527-4412 or e-mail