Davi Nikent Updates

Uplift Your Wellness Now! 10 Day Challenge!

Davi Nikent  (Always Light), Center for Human Flourishing is thrilled to announce a collaboration with MasterMinds 4 Wellness!  Here is your opportunity to participate in a FREE program that will help you create a happier, healthier life for you and your loved ones.

Join the MasterMinds 4 Wellness’s Uplift Your Wellness Now! 10 Day Challenge. Start today by clicking on the image below!


Check out our website to see the array of experiential programs Davi Nikent provides:

  • experiential educational programs featuring integral therapies and philosophies focused on deepening and strengthening one’s ability to experience optimal vitality, wellness and aliveness.
  • the opportunity for practitioners to train in the integral model of health.
  • the opportunity for other like hearted organizations to collaborate in projects and events that bring programs and services to more communities in our region

The Davi Nikent office is located at Third Street Center – Suite 24D.  Office hours by appointment. Call 970-618-5879. We are at Third Street Center before and after events, films, workshops, seminars. Check out the posts for upcoming features.

Thanks to the community for the support of our programs. Much more to come in 2014 and beyond!