RESONANCE ALCHEMY: An experiential introductory workshop with developer and author Katherine Parker

Saturday, Aug. 23rd
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Calaway Room, Third Street Center,
520 S. 3rd Street, Carbondale

Resonance Alchemy is a unique system of higher dimensional vibrational healing and personal transformation based on the understanding that all living things coexist in a unified and intelligent field of matter, energy and spirit, a unity symbolized by the Tree of Life.

Katherine_Parker_1Join author and energy healer Katherine Parker, Resonance Alchemy’s visionary developer, as she shares the story of receiving this profound system of healing in a process of direct spiritual guidance. Learn how you can use the universal language of spirit the system is based on in your own journey of healing and transformation. The sacred syllables of Resonance Alchemy are higher dimensional frequency codes which act as powerful vibrational tools for healing body, soul and spirit, awakening your essence and activating your spiritual evolution.

Katherine Parker is an energy healer and the author of Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life. She has an energy healing practice in Denver and Crestone, and teaches Parker_Resonance_Alchemy_cvrResonance Alchemy classes & trainings.

FEE: $75 at the door.  Preregister Fee: $60 if completed by the August 20th by contacting Katherine by phone at 303-406-8725 or e-mail to
More information about Katherine and her work at