with Kersten Wilson, MS LPC, Somatic Therapist

Half priced sessions now until February!

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a cutting edge body-mind modality, unifying elements of yoga & contemporary psychology. A session includesbreath work, intention setting, mindful awareness, assisted postures & restorative stretching, therapeutic dialogue, and exploration of one’s self.

We hold issues deep in our tissues. PRYT accesses the limbic part of the brain where emotions and memories are stored. Using the body with therapeutic talk allows one to access and explore what is living inside, and listen to their body’s wisdom to take action and create change. Individuals often find connection between what is happening in their body and what is happening in their life.

No yoga experience is necessary and a session can be adapted to a variety of needs and ages.

Kersten has been practicing therapy and healing modalities since 2000.
She works with children, teenagers, and adults. It is her passion to support you on your journey.

$65 for 75-90 minutes. For more information and to schedule a session call Kersten at 970.456.2070.

Sessions are offered in Carbondale at Kersten’s private practice office.