The Benefits of Brain Integration (Crossinology)

The Benefits of Brain Integration (Crossinology)
with Yolanda Del Hierro, Certified Brain Integration Practitioner and Craniosacral Therapist

Tuesday, January 20th
6:30 – 8 pm
Calaway Room Third Street Center,
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Are you easily distracted? Do you get overwhelmed and feel like your brain turns off? This technique frees you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed by improving the flow of information in the brain.

BalancingtheBrain2Learn how Crossinology Brain Integration Technique (BIT) permanently corrects the foundation of the brain by opening the pathways and relieves the stress that affects memory, self-confidence, concentration and more. Based on the principles of applied physiology and acupressure, BIT is a comprehensive 80-point system designed to identify chronically weak brain signals that affect aptitude, motivation and performance. By activating brain processes, BIT improves learning ability, creativity, and physical co-ordination – it complements modalities offered by teachers, tutors, psychologists and health professionals.

BIT addresses ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, learning difficulties and behavioral issues. BIT also addresses challenges in the brain’s processing due to Head Injuries – either from birth trauma, or from other events and it may assist persons with stroke, dementia, and diagnosed mental disorders. BIT can benefit symptoms of excessive stress such as brain fog and other cognitive meltdowns. Specific BIT corrections have also proven beneficial for motor imbalances. Recommended for children and adults.

Also showing excerpts from a video “How Difficult Can This Be?” The audience will experience what it is like to have learning difficulties. A learning difficulty is not just a school problem-it affects the every waking moment of the child or adults life. This video is for parents, teachers, therapists an all types of doctors. It will give you the indication of how important the Brain Integration Technique is.

Yolanda_crpd_LYolanda Del Hierro is a Holistic Practitioner of over 35 years specializing in Brain Integration and Craniosacral Therapy. She is an educator and life style coach. She loves to see people change by giving them a new foundation in the brain’s perception of things which ultimately brings forth optimum potential. This in turn changes personal, family and community dynamics.

Admission: Donations gratefully accepted.
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