Profound Journaling

Profound Journaling: A 4 week workshop with Claire O’Leary Founder of Clear Hearts Healing Arts.
January 31st through February 21st (4 weeks on Saturday mornings)
9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale


Whether you are dealing with loss, grief, anger or trauma, the trapped energy affects your life physically, at home and in business. Experience the Joy of letting go through Profound Journaling.

The NEW EXPANDED Profound Journaling includes:

  • Journals and art supplies
  • A free private Reiki sessionto be scheduled at your convenience. ($85 value)
  • Claire’s 2-disc Guided meditation CD “Still Waters Run Deep”which includes Higher Self, Forgiveness and Visualization Meditations used in Profound Journaling practice ($30 value)
FEE: $297. (less than $75 a class and includes $115 bonus items)
Last Day for Registration Thursday, January 29th. Contact Claire at 303-525-6893 or e-mail

ClaireO'LearyDSC_3810_sm_0Claire O’Leary works with you to ease your pain so you can live life in passion, joy and inspiration through Workshops, Reiki and Essential Oils. Whether you are dealing with physical pain, grief, anger, loss or any other trauma, Claire can guide you through to embrace it and find your strength in it so you can live your life filled with passion, joy and inspiration.

Claire has used her trauma including incest, fire, loss and anger to propel herself to a new level of joy, passion and inspiration. She has been through it and understands what it takes to move past it. Her peer led classes are interactive, fun and really effective.

 “For over 20 years I hid my true self. Once I opened up and shared my authentic self my relationship with my family changed. I’m now able to speak my truth around my family and I’m accepted for who I am.” – Claire O’Leary

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