Meditation Retreat

A Direct Exploration into the Body as Pure Knowing – Being
with Todd Welden, NTS, CST, MH.
To be rescheduled later this year!
Beautiful Venue in Carbondale, CO
(Details provided upon registration)

This practical meditative workshop discovers by one’s own experience “the body as reality” as has been actualized in healers for millennia. The techniques learned or rather, wisdom within all of us, is unfolded in this workshop through Dzogchen Tibetan lineage adapted for present day yogis, body workers, energy workers, or anyone inquiring into the power of forces of our original nature manifested.

In essence, the power that heals and regulates the body is the source of our perceptual capacity and evolutionary consciousness. This work recognizes and references this sacred familiar unborn territory in all of us and gently supports ourselves and our clients back to integrity and wholeness in an extraordinary yet ordinary way.

toddTodd Welden grew up in Aspen, Colorado, opening his practice in 1988. His own journey, knowledge of modern medical science, and visionary shamanic wisdom gives presence to the possibility of integral healing. The techniques he uses embrace the interplay of structural organizing dynamics and metabolic activities that give rise to form and function. It recognizes the inherent wisdom and intelligence with every cell. It seeks to recover what has been lost; to find the innate self- corrective principles that guide us, maintain us, and restore us. It taps that within us that is all powerful, so that we can once again become the memory of perfection which is freely suspended, automatically shifting, self regulating, and self maintaining

Cost: $45.00 early required registration.
If you are interested in Todd’s workshop contact Anne Cheney
for information and to register to be notified of  the new workshop date.
Call 970-319-0173 or e-mail

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