Kamala Easton, Ph.D.

goof6Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing supports the work of Dr. Kamala Easton, creator of Embodying the Goddess, Embodying Spirit: Journey Towards Enlightenment and Divine Intervention for Weight Management Workshops is a spiritual teacher and educator.

Dr. Easton is the founder of the Eight Month Intensive Online or In-person course EMBODYING SPIRIT: The Journey Towards Enlightenment

Whether you are an experienced spiritual practitioner or just embarking on a path of self-discovery, you may yet have blocks in the mind or heart. Modern-day mystic Kamala Easton, Ph.D.,  will share invaluable personalized knowledge and practices to allow you to merge into your Divine Self. Participate in skype discussions, intuitive individual guided work, breathwork and meditations.

This is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a qualified guide you can trust to connect you to a higher source of intuition, wisdom and practical power.

To learn more about Kamala her workshop and other offerings go to www.kamalaeaston.com
Watch for events, workshops with Dr. Easton in the Roaring Fork Valley on Davi Nikent website.

Dr Easton offers Spiritual Intuitive Sessions by appointment – in person or by Skype. She is a clear messenger through “The Gift of Knowing” she embodies.

With incredible accuracy, Dr. Easton communicates deep and insightful information. There is a sweet sense of expansion, as if she is channeling divine energy. I have come away each time with my burdens lifted and my heart opened. – Robyn Benson, Owner of Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing Center

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