Misha Bio-Energy: Energy of Life at Work

INTRO Evening
Friday, August 28

7 to 9 pm
Third Street Center
520 S. Third St., Carbondale

Misha_smMisha is a Russian Bio-Energy Master, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher.  He was born with his incredible and unique healing abilities. His unique Bio-Energy (MISHBE) treatments are a gentle and effective Bio-Energetic healing procedure. Misha has helped thousands on many levels, including physical problems, emotional issues and spiritual growth. His teaching is inspiring other people to discover and use their gifts.

Misha begins his talks by explaining his healing abilities and then responds to questions from the group about health, wellness and healing. There is generally time for several people to have a short voluntary healing session.

The Meditation that Misha does after an introduction, opens a powerful energy channel that allows healing energy to flow into the room. It allows all of the people in the group to receive and experience Misha Bio -Energy. People been reporting incredible positive changes just from being in this energy field.

Admission: by donation

At this meeting you can also schedule a one-hour appointment with Misha for Saturday, August 29th.

“Misha is one of the most powerful energy masters we have ever experienced. It is a blessing to be treated by Misha, and we highly recommend having a session with him.” Leslie Temple-Thurston, spiritual teacher and author of Marriage of Spirit – Enlightened Living in Today’s World, Santa Fe, NM

For more information call 970-318-0198 or email easternwindclinic@gmail.com.

Misha’s website: www.mishbe.com

Misha Private Sessions on Saturday, August 29th. Schedule with Misha at the Intro evening or book ahead by calling 970-318-0198 or email easternwindclinic@gmail.com.

Misha does at distance sessions as well as the in-person sessions.
Schedule with Misha  by calling 970-318-0198 or e-mailing