Private Sessions with Shari Billger

Private Sessions by appointment
Shari Billger, International Teacher/Healer

Friday, August 14
Carbondale, Colorado

As well as being an International Teacher, Shari is trained in many healing modalities. Joining her will be her lovely daughter Melissa also certified in Angel healing & sound healing. She also holds a degree in international aromatherapy. They will be offering multi-dimensional private sessions which could include any of the following:

Holographic Repatterning (Includes Past Life Regression): QHHT (Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy: Accupressure: Reiki/Body Energy Work/Pranic Healing; DNA Release, Reset and Repair; Human Design; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); Counseling; Chakra Balance using Color, Atlantean Firestone Crystal Technology (Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental Levels), Meridian Clearing and Balancing, Allergy testing and clearing, Electro-magnetic Field Balancing, Parasympathetic Nerve Balancing and Angel healing. Note:   Light, color, crystals, essential oils and tuning forks may be utilized as well.

Contact Shari at or phone 719-748-3412 or cell: 719-332-3947 to book a session.

Shari works with many multi-dimensional angels including her choir of angels from the 17th dimension. She utilizes the principle of Quantum Physics which simply states that all of creation is fundamentally vibration including the human organism. Thoth has been observed standing behind her. Students have reported the room being filled with angels when Shari is working on them.

ShariBillger_0Shari Billger is an international teacher of Flower of Life, Reiki, Relationship/Tantra, Disconnecting From the Fear Matrix, The Secret – People Manifest Differently, Human Design.  She assists people in healing while swimming with the dolphins and leads sacred site tours. The New York Times did a three page article on her Egypt trip in 2007. She is a certified Human Design Teacher/Specialist and is the Chairperson of the International Flower of Life Facilitator Council. As a spiritual teacher and certified healer in many healing modalities including EFT, Holographic Repatterning and Reiki she leads you on a journey to cosmic consciousness helping you to remember that love is all there is, ever was, and all there ever will be.

More information about Shari on her website