An All-Valley Autograph Party

“Memoirs of a River…Up the Crystal”
An All-Valley Autograph Party
with Charlotte Graham, local author and historian

& assorted “characters”from her books.
Thursday, August 27th at 7 pm
Third Street Center, Carbondale


 Charlotte’s books: “Memoirs of a River…Up the Crystal” Vols. One and Two.


This special event with author Charlotte Graham will feature Vol. Two of her books which is ALL about Carbondale including stories of Third Street Center, Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing and much more.

The evening is uniquely experiential! It is an opportunity for any and all who have been interviewed by Charr for her books to come and autograph your piece of this valley’s history in purchasers’ books. These volumes make great gifts for friends and relatives far and wide.

The extensive indexing feature of Charlotte’s books makes it easy to find the characters and their stories about the valley’s history – from the First People, as shared by Clifford Duncan, Northerm Ute Elder, up until and including Carbondale’s first roundabout and its controversial sculpture.

Meet the Author: Eighteen years ago, Charlotte Graham traveled over McClure Pass into the Crystal River Valley, with her artist/musician husband, Doug Whitney who was invited to do a weekend art show. They haven’t left yet!

Charlotte has found out she has a real fondness and heartfelt connection towards this valley’s history and its people. She has now completed this first set of local history/travel books that detail the depth of her love for the valley and its people.

Learn more about Charlotte Graham at

by listening to an interview by Luke Nestler, program director at KDNK HERE.

Program co-sponsored by Third Street Center and Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing. Partial proceeds from book sales donated by the author to these organizations.

 For more information contact or call 970-618-5879