Find Your Healthy Self

Find Your Healthy Self by Using Whole Foods
with Laurie Nathe, Health Coach and Holistic Chef
Wednesday, September 16th
7 pm
Calaway Room, Third Street Center
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

In our American society we are bombarded by media messages from government, doctors, nutrition experts, entertainment stars and more about latest diet trends and fads. We have gotten out of the habit of growing and preparing our own food. Because of this breakdown in our food knowledge our society is having dramatic health problems.

laurie_nathe_picture_cropped_892012_2_150x250As a Health Coach and a Holistic Chef, Laurie Nathe has had her own “ah ha moment” realizing that her toxic work environment as well as the foods she was choosing were causing pain and depression. Then while living with roommates and working with clients, she realized that many of us have lost the basic skills to prepare healthy meals. She is passionate in teaching others how to “Add In” organic whole foods to their lives.

Join Laurie for an informal PowerPoint presentation and open discussion. Laurie will talk about how we have been eating for pleasure and convenience and not eating for health.

“We need to give our bodies what they need to thrive. I like to teach people to take back their health by teaching them to listen to their bodies and create tasteful and healthy meals.”Laurie Nathe

Admission: By Donation
More information on this event and Laurie’s services call her at 612-298-4610 or e-mail
Nathe_logo_horizontal_main_196x91Laurie’s website is

Laurie also has a series classes at CMC starting Sept 8th, at Glenwood Springs Blake Avenue location. The “Healthy Club” will be Tuesday nights from 6-8pm, which include presentations and cooking classes and the first class is a free presentation and sign up for individual classes or the whole series through CMC. For information on this series call Laurie at 612-298-4610.