Health is a Choice with Ricki McKenna

Awakening your body’s natural mechanisms and functions for health and wellbeing.
Thursday, September 17th
12 Noon – 1:30 PM
Calaway Room, Third Street Center,
520 S. Third St., Carbondale

Health is a choice! Transform Your Health now!

Profoundly improve your weight, glucose and cholesterol levels and quality of life – free of drugs and chemicals.  Suffering and struggle are not what life is about.  Regain the Prime of Your Life with your choice of real food and a proven system that makes it easy and fun to achieve your goals.

Ricki McKenna is a Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach whose passion and mission is to help you understand what food really is and what it does for your body. She provides information that clears the confusion about eating plans or regimens.

“I’m not fond of “diets” – they don’t work.   In my 16 years of practice I have never found anything that compares with Unicity’s Transformation  Program for awakening and engaging your body’s natural functions for true health.  You eat real food; learn how to kick-start and maintain your metabolism with a proven system and guidance that uses your body’s wisdom and know-how to regain your optimum state of health and wellness and enjoy life as you were meant to!” – Ricki

Admission: By Donation.
For more information contact Ricki at 970-618-7607 or e-mail her at

Ricki McKennaRicki McKenna, C.N.,  Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach, a long time resident of the Roaring Fork Valley and founder of CHOOSE HEALTH Solutions has been recommending real food for her clients and patients for 16 years.  Her philosophy is food first.  She believes that eating the right kinds and amounts of food your your individual system can help heal, reverse and prevent disease.  She loves working with people who are ready to embrace their highest and best selves and shine their light through health and well-being.