Getting Out of the Box – an evening with Suzanne Giesemann

Getting Out of the Box – Redefining What is Real
Tuesday, May 31st

7 pm
Third Street Center, Calaway Room
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Welcoming Suzanne Giesemann to Carbondale for the third year in a row!SuzanneGiesemann

How do we know what reality is?

In this mind-expanding presentation Suzanne Giesemann shares verifiable evidence of a greater reality beyond the physical senses.  She begins with irrefutable details received in communication with beings who once walked the earth in human form.

The evidence she provides goes beyond a reasonable doubt to show that consciousness survives death. But can consciousness take other forms?  If consciousness is limitless, then theoretically, the manifestations of that consciousness should be limitless as well.

Prepare to expand your concept of what is “real” as Suzanne provides a glimpse of a boundless existence where reality takes on new meaning.

Tickets $20 in advance; $25 at the door.

suzanne-gallery-premierSuzanne Giesemann is the author of eleven books, a metaphysical teacher, and an evidential medium. She captivates audiences as she brings hope, healing, and comfort through her work. Suzanne’s gift of communication with those on the other side provides stunning evidence of life after death. Touted as “a breath of fresh air” with “a quality that is so different from others that it is difficult to describe,” she brings messages of hope and love that go straight to the heart.

Learn more about Suzanne HERE.

Suzanne has the honor of serving as Chairman of Eternea’s Spirituality Leadership Council and as a member of its Executive Council. Eternea is a publicly-supported global non-profit organization formed by Dr. Eben Alexander author of “Proof of Heaven”, to facilitate the convergence of science and spirituality for personal and global transformation. Its mission is to promote research, education, and outreach activities about spiritually transformative experiences (STEs), such as near-death experiences and after-death communication that awaken people to the eternal nature of consciousness and its survival beyond bodily death. More about Eternea HERE.

Need more information? E-mail or call 970-618-5879!

P.S.  While visiting with us in Carbondale, Suzanne is offering a 2 day class on Mediumship. Check out the information on her website HERE.