Tantra – Sacred Relationships Workshop

Tantra/Sacred Relationships & The Ascension Process, Level I
with Shari Billger
Saturday, June 25
10 am to 5 pm
Round Room, Third Street Center
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

TantraYour path to Ascension, Healing and Divine Union

Sexual energy is one of the most distorted and misunderstood energies on our planet. It must be understood and healed in each of us. The flow of sexual energy as it relates to a healthy and loving intimacy with your own body  and it’s sexual and sensual nature is inseparable from enlightenment and Christ consciousness. The sacred experience of orgasm is the closest feeling of oneness with God that we can experience on this planet. Relationships with ourselves and others have plagued and challenged mankind since the beginning of time and continue to do so. True Tantra is not about hot sex; it is about healing our own personal wounds at a cellular level. It is about transforming our relationship with ourselves first so that we can be in healthy relationships with others. We will use processes in this workshop that will open the path to more joy, more fulfillment, more bliss, more unconditional love, Unity, Ascension and Christ consciousness.

You need not have a partner to experience Tantra nor or to attend the workshop with you. The goal is for your gendered relationships, both internal and external, to be balanced and healthy. Various healing modalities including the clearing of the sexual soul channel will be used to assist students in releasing old stuck patterns and accomplish this goal. “The ultimate goal is full cellular embodiment of your Higher Self and Christ Presence.”  You will leave this workshop with a new outlook on sexuality, love and relationships.  Level I is a prerequisite for attendance at the Level II workshop where we will work more with divine intimacy, technique and true ecstasy.

Testimonial:  “I received so much from Shari’s Tantra – Level 1 class that I decided to invite her to the Roaring Fork Valley. Her unique teachings will absolutely raise your vibration!  Women and men alike will be able to break down miscommunications in relationship, clear old patterns of fear and trauma, and embody truth, true-love and self worth, alone or with a partner. I recommend Shari’s Tantra Level -1  workshop to anyone who’s ever been in, or would like to be in a loving relationship. This is an opportunity to clear away what hasn’t worked and invite a Universe of possibilities to your life and relationships.  I can’t wait for Level 2!”  – EM

FEE: $133. Deposit required to register and reserve your space.
To register contact Shari at shari1551@aol.com or phone 719-999-8478.

Shari BillgerShari is an international teacher/vibrational healer and is certified in many healing modalities. She had the privilege of teaching the first Tantra workshop, ever, in Japan. As retired chairperson of the international Flower of Life Facilitator Council Shari has taught the Merkaba globally for over twenty years. Shari has the ability to lead you on a journey to cosmic consciousness, helping you remember that love is all there is, ever was, or ever will be.

More information at  www.sharibillger.com.