Bio-Energy Spirituality, Healing & Meditation

Spirituality, Healing & Meditation with Misha
Experience Misha Bio-Energy!
Sunday, June 19th

4 pm
Third Street Center, 520 S. 3rd Street, Carbondale

Misha logoA FREE Group event! Come experience the incredible power of group healing through Bio-Energy! Join Misha at Third Street Center, Carbondale.

At the beginning of the group event Misha leads a short meditation. Then he follows with a talk about himself and his work.  He does a demonstration on a few volunteers. He explains what he is doing and what he is working on without doing any medical diagnosis. The person on the table is encouraged to share their issues and talk about what they experience during the demonstration. Even if not everybody gets a chance to be directly on Mikhail’s table, still everyone benefits by being present in the same room. People report feeling changes happening for the better just by being present during a group event.

Misha will be doing private sessions in Carbondale on Sunday evening and Monday, June 19 and 20. If you have any questions or you want to make an appointment please call Yuliya at 970-318-0198 or or e-mail to: Now also accepting credit cards for private sessions.

Misha with son

Misha and his son

“Misha is one of the most powerful energy masters we have ever experienced. It is a blessing to be treated by Misha, and we highly recommend having a session with him.”Leslie Temple-Thurston, author of The Marriage of Spirituality, and founder of CoreLight in Santa Fe, NM.

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Event Sunday, June 19th supported by Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing.
Donations to Davi Nikent appreciated.