Values Exploration with Jon Robson, META-Health Master Trainer

By popular demand!
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Third Street Center, Board Room
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale


Align with Your True North

Discover Your Unique Personal Values, Identify Your Core Drivers, & Ignite The Fire Within in this insightful 3 hour Workshop.

Are you experiencing

  • personal health challenges such as chronic tiredness or low energy?
  • constant aches & pains in your body?
  • digestive issues?
  • a lack of motivation or like life is a constant push?
  • difficulty in communication in your closest relationships?

If there was a simple understanding and solution hidden inside your Unique Personal Values to these challenges, and many more, would you love to know about it?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJon Robson, Transformational Wellbeing Specialist and META-Health Master Trainer has been working with individuals and groups for over 13 years assisting them with personal mastery and wellbeing. In working with many that have been suffering from serious chronic health issues and deep challenge in their closest relationships in became very clear just how important understanding ones values, and the values of others, is to creating a healthy balanced life.

Jon discovered that by assisting people to discover their unique personal values, and aiding them in becomming truly aligned within them, brought incredible healing to body, mind and relationships.

In this powerful, compact, & informative workshop Jon will share with you life transformaing insights on the power and importance of values and guide you through a powerful process to dicover your own unique values. You will learn what your values are, how they were developed, and how to ignite and fuel the fire within.

If you would like to join this fee based event we recommend you pre-book your place.
This powerful workshop is $50, you can purchase your ticket by clicking the link HERE.

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Event supported locally by Davi Nikent, Center For Human Flourishing