META-Health Intro

META-Health Intro via ZOOM with Lisbeth Lundgaard, META-Health Master Trainer and PhysioTherapist
Saturday, February 25th
9:30 to 11:30 am
Calaway Room, Third Street Center
520 S Third Street, Carbondale

Your host, Lisbeth Lundgaard, (ZOOMing in from Denmark), will share some basics of META-Health with you. META-Health is a method that brings about powerful insights regarding the mind-body connection and its relationship to the development of illness and dis-ease.

In these 90 minutes you will:

  • be introduced to a powerful scientific model that embraces the integration of mind, body, and spirit.
  • see the logical connection between physical symptoms and emotional struggles.
  • understand how stress, trauma, and conflict play a role in the expression of disease.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about META-Health.

This gathering is for anyone curious about how your mind affects your health. It is also for those that are challenged with a condition that has become chronic and debilitating or anyone in between!

META-Health is a powerful method to heal yourself, obtain wisdom and to step into your power.

META-Health is a system of self-care that guides you in the prevention and intervention of illness and disease. Widely utilized in Europe, META-Health is just beginning to made inroads in this country.  Join the growing community of folks who are using META-Health as a basis for well-being.

This introductory talk is a lead-up to another presentation where the focus will be on META-Health and the Musculoskeletal system.

For those who are interested in a full immersion program, Lisbeth will be facilitating a 4-day workshop Lisbeth in Carbondale, Colorado in September of 2017.

Lisbeth LundgaardYour Trainer, Lisbeth Lundgaard lives in Denmark. She is a META-Health Master Trainer and Physiotherapist.  She has a passion in bridging conventional and alternative medicine. Lisbeth believes that if the two can work together, there will be more health and wellbeing for all. Lisbeth, in her clinical practice, works with an Acupuncturist, Reflexologist and a Medical Doctor.

More information about Lisbeth at her website