Himalayan Yogini Yoga with Devika Gurung

Devika is back and classes are resuming!
NEW ONE HOUR CLASS for Seniors Tuesdays 3 – 4pm

Regular Classes
Wednesdays from 9-10:30 am
Fridays from 4-5:30 pm
All Sessions at The Launchpad,

76 S. 4th St, Carbondale

A Yoga based on Self-discovered Yoga & Healing!

Himalayan Yoga, also known as Devika Yoga, is a unique, original form or yoga based on Devika Gurung’s education and experience in a Self-Discovered Yoga and Healing process. Devika leads a practice that is not the same every day as a routine practice moves you too much in the future.

Devika Yoga is more about being in the moment by feeling each momentary change in the body. Devika leads you in a practice that is not the same every day. This type of yoga is more about being in the moment by feeling each momentary change in the body.

Come to class without expectation. Bring your yoga mat. No previous yoga experience needed.

Senior One Hour Class: $12 per session or 5 classes for $5o
Regular Classes: $15 per session; Punch Pass Options: 7 classes for $100 and 11 classes for $145
Questions? Contact Devika by e-mail at gurung804@gmail.com

Devika’s inspiration to follow the path of a Yogini came about when she was 18 years old and met an Australian Yoga teacher couple. Following four months studying the form at The Natural Health and Yoga Center in Kathmandu she became a certified teacher in Hatha Yoga. Subsequently she has trained in Hatha Yoga therapy, Ayurvedic massage and health food management. A health crisis that overtook her life in 2003 led her to find her own healing by way of inner spiritual growth and her Yogic way of living. She now teaches through the knowledge and energies gained from this experience. Devika moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in July 2016 with her husband Hamilton Pevec and daughter Isa. She now shares her wisdom with our community.

More information about Devika at  http://himalayanyogini.com/about-devika/
and http://himalayanyogini.com/.