Polychromatic Light Therapy Intro

Introduction to Polychromatic Light Therapy
with Dia Lynn, RsD, Certified Light Therapist
Sunday, October 15th
3 – 5:00 pm
3rd St. Center, 520 S. 3rd St, Carbondale

The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is made from Light!

Join Dia Lynn, RsD and her colleague Jani Pulaski for A FREE Event!
A Slide Show of Healing Uses and Personal Demonstration of Low Level LED Lights!

Dia Lynn, Certified Light Therapist

InLight Medical Devices deliver Bio Photons of light to the skin through Low Level LED lights in the red and blue and near infrared spectrum. Variable settings increase circulation from skin to bones. The lights are used for dozens of healing applications.  Application is through flexible pads placed on your body for a 20 minute session.

InLight Medical Devices are designed for home use or professional sessions. Applicable for chronic pain management or occasional relief such as recovery from injury or a new approach to wellness. A revolutionary solution for athletic training, circulation to the brain, wound healing and tissue regeneration. Come learn more!

“Light is the medicine of the future” – Dr. Jacob Lieberman

For information or to book individual sessions
contact Dia Lynn at 831-601-3338 or e-mail dia@dialynn.com

Learn more about InLight Medical Devices at www.inlightwellness.com
about Dia Lynn’s service in the world at www.spiritofwholeness.com