Improve Your Quality of Life with BEMER
February 24, 2018
8 am to 3 pm
3rd Street Center, Calaway Room
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, CO 81623

Can healthy blood flow improve quality of life?
Join in the conversation and uncover the answer.

BEMER – 8 minutes a day that can change your life…
BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation, the key word being regulation. This innovative technology regulates blood flow in the capillaries, the smallest of our blood vessels which feed 100% of the cells in our bodies. These tiny blood vessels (capillaries) contribute to 74% of all our circulation.

Come join us and hear incredible testimonials of the positive health results people are experiencing with BEMER.

BEMER enhances:
• Concentration, Mental Acuity, Stress Reduction
• General Blood Flow
• Relaxation
• Cardiac Function
• Physical Fitness
• Endurance, Strength and Energy
• Sleep Management

BEMER is Recipient “German Medical Award 2017 in the Medical Innovation Category”

Learn about the BEMER medical device and technology and how it is having a positive, life enhancing impact on individuals, animals/horses, athletes and wellness business owners from these special guest speakers:

Dr. Chris Enomoto – Licensed Clinical Psychologist – Presenting the affects of blood flow on mood and behavior disorders and how BEMER makes a difference. He will also speak to the benefits of BEMER in your wellness practice/business.

Jerry Gallegos OM – 5th generation Colorado native, Graduate of Denver University, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, successful business owner and entrepreneur. Expert in BEMER technology and the heart centered business.

Sara MillerBEMER and Horses – Works with Horses using TTouch bodywork and the TTeam method of groundwork and training for neurologic rehab. She has partnered with Linda Tellington-Jones and uses the BEMER Vet with her own herd of 10 horses.

Jackie Stoffel – Wellness business owner, Spheeris Pilates Center, in Breckenridge Colorado. She has been involved in movement modalities for over 35 years, with a background in teaching Dance, Aerobics, personal training, Pilates and GYROTONIC. Also, is a lover of horses and trained in Healing Touch for Animals/Horses. She uses BEMER in her business, personal life and with all of her animals as well as horse rescue centers.

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill – Cynthia has extensive education, training, and certifications in complementary, alternative, integrative and energy medicine/psychology. Educates on bringing heart back into business and utilizes BEMER to support a thriving wellness business. Founder of The Flow Mobile Wellness Project, flowing ultimate wellness into community wellness businesses.

FEE: All attendees $25 (lunch included)
Lunch prepared by Ardis Hoffman, founder of Heart Healthy Meals, LLC. Ardis has a collection of very yummy and healthy, plant-based whole foods recipes.
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Flow of the Day:
• 8:00am – 9:00am Complimentary BEMER sessions
• 9:00am – 9:45am BEMER presentation (Jerry Gallegos)
• 10:00am – 12:00pm Guest Speakers (Dr. Enomoto, Sara Miller, Jackie Stoffel & Cynthia Gardner O’Neill)
• 12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch (included)
• 1:00pm – 2:00pm Last Speaker Presentation followed by Q&A
• 2:00pm – 3:00pm Complimentary BEMER sessions

A special thank you to Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing, for providing the venue. A portion of your ticket will go to support this 501(c)(3) organization and a business whose mission and vision are intricately aligned.