Women’s Voices: The Courageous Healing Conversation with Kimberlie Chenoweth

Thursday evenings, March 15 – April 5
6:30 – 8:30 pm
817 Colorado Ave., Suite 105, Glenwood Springs
$250 (Preregistration required)


Saturday, April 7
1:00 – 6:00 pm
103 East 3rd St., Rifle
$175 (Preregistration required)

For too long, the cultural field has made it easy accept unacceptable standards of interaction between men and women, and now the cultural field is cracking wide open. This cracked open space brings an enormous opportunity for women to find new ways of being in conversation, with ourselves, with other women, and with the men in our lives.

The conversation before us will take courage – for women to speak their truth and for men to listen open-heartedly (as well as to speak their own deep-heart truth). Real change also requires courage to stay IN the conversation, because staying with it means facing parts of ourselves that are scared to be seen and heard. The poet David Whyte says that “The initial steps on the path to courageous speech are the first tentative steps into the parts of us that cannot speak.” Are we ready and willing to take those ‘first tentative steps’ and unfold the conversation from there?

Those first steps aren’t easy to take.

From your facilitator, Kimberlie Chenoweth: 
“I am offering a new, introductory seminar: Women’s Voices: The Courageous Healing Conversation. The seminar will be for women this time around, but there may well be one for women and men together in the near future. I’m offering it first in two local, in-person venues. (If you’re not local to western Colorado and would be interested in an online version, let me know!) In each of them, I’ll be covering some key ideas that can support us in finding our way into the uncharted territory ahead – for courageous conversations on the frontier of healing.
The themes include:

  • Authenticity and authority
  • Presence, position, and communication
  • The power of the ‘close-in’ conversation
  • Universal energies of support”

To register or for more info, please contact Kimberlie by email at kimberlie@thewholenessproject.com or phone (970) 618-1976

“Honestly I had never felt so heard by anyone before my work with Kimberlie. That is a powerful thing. Her open curiosity and inquiry hold a very safe space to explore the deeper longings that may have been lying dormant, like a seed waiting for a little water and some rich earth.” April

Kimberlie holds a master’s degree in Counseling and was in private practice as a psychotherapist and personal development trainer for 22 years before launching her own training and mentoring program in 2012. With a lifelong interest in spirituality and healing, she has studied perennial wisdom traditions of the West, East, and native Americas. An initiated wisdom keeper, she has sat in silence, traveled widely, and committed to a process of deep healing and transformation over many years. She is the author of two Amazon bestselling books, Reclaiming Wholeness and Walking in Wholeness.