Dogs Have Chakras Too

Dogs Have Chakras Too with Lori Lynn Spencer
Thursday, June 14th
6:30 pm
3rd Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Join Lori Lynn Spencer on a journey exploring your dog’s energy field and gather some practical applications to creating and supporting wellness in your four-legged companion. Dogs absorb their owner’s energy, so is it really a stretch to imagine they may be responding to your emotions? How can realigning your dogs’ chakras guide them to be more healthy, and stave off dis-ease? Come to this workshop and learn how!

You may also schedule a private session for your canine companion to experience her work first hand by contacting Lori Lynn at 312) 636.0440 to schedule an appointment.

Lori is a board certified, therapeutic massage practitioner who specializes in inflammation, and pain. Ms. Spencer studied hands-on energy healing in Norway. She works with animals to assist them to heal, and her primary practice aligns in serving as a guide to help people heal. You may learn more about Lori at

A FREE Event. Donations to Davi Nikent appreciated.