Shifting from Struggle to Success with Kathleen Fors

Tuesday, August 21
12–1:30 pm OR 7–8:30 pm (choose one)
3rd Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Have you been stressed out about the wildfires or just feel overwhelmed in general?
Are there areas of your life that you find challenging?
Would you like to reprogram your “automatic” emotional responses, but don’t know how it can be done?

Join Kathleen Fors The Belief Expert and Transformational Life Coach, for a fascinating look at how your unconscious belief systems either sabotage or support you. Changing your beliefs can change your life—whether you want peace of mind, a successful career, loving relationships or a fit, healthy body.

In this free, 90-minute introductory class, you will:
* Explore the hidden root cause of all your challenges.
* Identify key aspects of your life that you would like to improve.
* Understand why it’s impossible to overcome old habits using willpower.
* Discover the correlation between your beliefs, feelings and actions.
* Learn how to balance your emotions and empower yourself instantly
with a simple, practical tool taught by the world’s leading coaches.

Kathleen Fors developed the Holistic Emotional Makeover™ and Holistic Weight Loss Makeover™ systems based on 30 years of intensive study and practice in the mind-body field. She personally overcame a 22-year binge eating disorder and healed from a life-threatening illness using the same belief-transforming methods that support her clients today.

Questions? Contact Kathleen at 512-689-2417 or For more information, visit