The Inca Way Workshop

The Inca Way Workshop with Elena Radford, Inca Ancient wisdom keeper
10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, September 8th 2018
Third Street Center, 520 S Third Street, Carbondale, CO

The Inca Way is a new millennial way of sharing ancient teaching that originated from Pre-Incan and Incan (ancient) ways of life. We merge the ancient Human Energy knowledge with the 21st Century delivery systems and technology (intellectual and physical) to ignite in people passion and purpose, as well as to help them to overcome past beliefs that block and limit their personal growth.

Topic: Are you a victim, a survivor or a creator?
• Recognize the behavior of a victim, a survivor and a creator.
• Make powerful choices and generate balance in your life by learning about these behaviors.
• Learn to balance your thought process, bring positive feelings, and provide a stronger way to motivate yourself to be a creator.
• Release negative emotions, behaviors, and create intentions that will help you to be a positive creator.

Investment: $75.00
Contact Elena Radford at 435-901-9986 to reserve a seat or register and pay at

Born and raised in Peru, Elena comes from a long lineage of an ancient Inca culture. Using her knowledge as an Inca Ancient wisdom keeper, Elena shares the knowledge of the Ancient Ancestors. With this information, she has helped to overcome emotional, and physical blocks or a healthy and balanced life.

Book a Private session w/ Elena Radford in Carbondale, CO
Appointments available Sunday Sept 9th & Monday Sept 10th
$70/30 minutes or $120/Hour
To make your consultation visit or Call Elena Radford at 435-901-9986

Thank you to Sheri Gaynor founder of Creative Awakenings  for introducing us to Elena and The Inca Way.