Being Who You Really Are with Truth Paradise

An Evening of Conversation with Truth Paradise
Wednesday, September 12th at 7 pm
Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

You are perfect, exactly the way you are and so is everyone else, however, you have been trained to believe otherwise.

We have all been trained to believe there is something wrong with us; our mind, our body, our feelings, our sexuality.

Accepting our self and others, as we really are is the solution.

Come and join in a conversation and an experience of being who you really are, in an atmosphere of acceptance and allowance.

Start by deciding to enjoy yourself just because you can.

An evening of exploration and experience.

By Donation

About Truth: “I am a seeker of truth, looking, listening, reading to whoever and whatever I thought might give me understanding and freedom from my own struggles and conflicts and in the end discovered the truth I sought is already inside of me.
I studied spiritual paths, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology and learned from my own experiences in life, in my relationships with my friends, family and the many people who I have had the opportunity to be with. My most significant teachers include Buddha, Lau Tsu, Jesus, Krishnamurti, Jung, Werner Erhard, Byron Katie, Esther Hicks, Teal Swan, Muktananda, Osho, Paul Lowe, and the many men and women who have helped me along my path. I attended Penn State, Merritt College, Laney College, San Francisco State. I am committed to acceptance of everyone and everything as it is.”Truth Paradise, Carbondale, CO August 2018

For more information on the evening of conversation contact Truth at 970 987 0113 or e-mail