Our Mission

Promoting Integral Health and Human Flourishing.

Our mission is promote health and well-being for individuals, families and community by offering experiential workshops, seminars, retreats and topical films by pioneers in integral health* and human flourishing.**

* The expansion of the health and healing process to address the entire range of the human experience: biological, psychospiritual, relational and cultural. The expansion of consciousness rather than the “medical took kit” is a central aspect of the integral approach.
** A profound and enduring state of health, happiness, and inner peace.

Definitions from Dr. Elliott Dacher published in his book, Integral Health: the Path to Human Flourishing.

Our Vision

To establish a center that provides a welcoming and nurturing environment; guidance by committed integral practitioners focused on supporting clients to attain a level of authentic and sustained health, happiness and wholeness. We partner with an expansive roster of local organizations to present insights into the shifting global consciousness as it pertains to health, well-being, healing and flourishing.

The foundational concepts for the center are based on the Asklepian Temple tradition.

Promoting Integral Health and Human Flourishing

Dävi Nikent offers programs and presentations by pioneers in integral health and human flourishing. We co-create health and wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

Dävi Nikent — “Always Light” in Ute — nurtures the individual and the community  by partnering with teachers, authors, filmmakers and practitioners rooted in a diverse range of global perspectives on physical and spiritual well-being.

We are inspired by the work of Elliott Dacher, MD, author of Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. According to Dacher, integral health is… a flourishing of body, mind and spirit that when fully realized leads to an expansive and sustained health, happiness and wholeness for ourselves and for humankind.

We invite you to regularly check out EVENTS on our website for the seminars, workshops and retreats that are offered.

Zachary Cashin, DC and special guest Dr. Patrick Keiran, DC

Thursday, June 13th
6:30 pm
Third Street Center Calaway Room, Carbondale

Announcing a fantastic opportunity to hear a special guest speaker, Dr. Pat Keiran an international speaker and essential oil educator.

Become the healer in your own home and avoid the additional cost and toxins associated with other health and home care options. These natural solutions also heal our planet by reducing its chemical exposure, and protecting our water ways.

Learn simple solutions to your families health needs at this community event. Discover how to reduce health care spending by using natural home remedies that are safe, effective and less expensive then over the counter options.

Donations in support of Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing
a 501 (C)(3) organization gratefully accepted.

Become empowered to be the healer in your home and get connected with resources to support you.

Space is limited so we suggest you register for this opportunity NOW! CLICK HERE.

Dr. Patrick Keiran is a practicing Neurologically Based Chiropractor. He works to inspire students and doctors alike to explore the cutting edge in functional neurology, essential oil science and vitalistic health. Dr. Pat is also a food scientist, and Essential Oil Educator. With over 20 years experience using essential oils including in his practice to counter the stress response and boost overall health. He is an international speaker and mentors doctors around the world. Dr. Keiran’s clinic is in Jay, Maine.

Dr. Zachary Cashin recently opened his Carbondale practice at 981 Cowen Dr., Suite B-8, next to The Goat restaurant. Zach offers an eclectic, effective mix of modalities including essential oils. He is well grounded and experienced in the art of Chiropractic Medicine.