Zachary Cashin, DC and special guest Dr. Patrick Keiran, DC

Thursday, June 13th
6:30 pm
Third Street Center Calaway Room, Carbondale

Announcing a fantastic opportunity to hear a special guest speaker, Dr. Pat Keiran an international speaker and essential oil educator.

Become the healer in your own home and avoid the additional cost and toxins associated with other health and home care options. These natural solutions also heal our planet by reducing its chemical exposure, and protecting our water ways.

Learn simple solutions to your families health needs at this community event. Discover how to reduce health care spending by using natural home remedies that are safe, effective and less expensive then over the counter options.

Donations in support of Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing
a 501 (C)(3) organization gratefully accepted.

Become empowered to be the healer in your home and get connected with resources to support you.

Space is limited so we suggest you register for this opportunity NOW! CLICK HERE.

Dr. Patrick Keiran is a practicing Neurologically Based Chiropractor. He works to inspire students and doctors alike to explore the cutting edge in functional neurology, essential oil science and vitalistic health. Dr. Pat is also a food scientist, and Essential Oil Educator. With over 20 years experience using essential oils including in his practice to counter the stress response and boost overall health. He is an international speaker and mentors doctors around the world. Dr. Keiran’s clinic is in Jay, Maine.

Dr. Zachary Cashin recently opened his Carbondale practice at 981 Cowen Dr., Suite B-8, next to The Goat restaurant. Zach offers an eclectic, effective mix of modalities including essential oils. He is well grounded and experienced in the art of Chiropractic Medicine.


Intro to Polychromatic Light Therapy

Polychromatic Light Therapy
FREE Public Presentation
with Dr. Dia Lynn,  Certified Light Therapist

Rev. Dr. Dia Lynn

Tuesday, October 16
from 6:30 to 8 pm 

3rd Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

The Human Body Emits, Communicates with,
and is made from Light!

Join Dr. Dia Lynn for:

  • Personal Demonstration – See the brilliance; feel the warmth. Decrease your pain.
  • Slide show focused on Cerebral and Cardiovascular Circulation & Respiration

InLight Medical devices deliver Bio Photons of light to the skin through Low Level LED lights in the red and blue and near infrared spectrum. Variable settings increase circulation from skin to bones. Dozens of healing applications. Flexible pads are placed on your body for 20 min. Designed for home use or professional sessions. Whether you’re looking for chronic pain management, occasional relief or a new approach to wellness.

InLight Medical devices deliver Polychromatic Light Therapy (PLT), which holds unique benefits that our bodies can’t get anywhere else. This is a revolutionary solution for athletic training, circulation to the brain, wound healing and tissue regeneration.

“Light is the medicine of the future” – Dr. Jacob Lieberman

For information or sessions contact Dr. Dia Lynn at 831.601.3338
or refer to


The Beautiful State Workshop with Niki Kapoor

The Beautiful State
with Niki Kapoor, One Consciousness Transformer,
with O&O Academy
Saturday and Sunday, October 13/14, 2018
The Round Room, 3rd Street Center,
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, CO
The Beautiful State is a powerful 2-day inward journey that is full of learning, growth, and transformation! It is designed to help you dissolve suffering/stressful states and live life from a beautiful state of being.

What is The Beautiful State? Simply put, while there are many states we experience, they can be grouped into either being in a beautiful state (such as love, peace, joy, connection, bliss, etc.) or a suffering/stressful state (like fear, anger, loneliness, jealousy, etc.). In a beautiful state, we are in One Consciousness and include others’ wellbeing. In a suffering/stressful state, we are in I-Consciousness and focused upon our self. Using both the Power of Source and the Power of Consciousness, you learn how to attract synchronicities, have even more beautiful experiences, and live your life from The Beautiful State!

What you can expect from the course:
~Learn to dissolve stressful/suffering states and move into beautiful states.
~Experience Harmony within yourself so you can live a life of inner peace and joy.
~Experience Harmony with others so you can experience great relationships and meaningfulness in your life.
~Experience harmony at your work so you can create great success, abundance, and a meaningful career.
This inner harmony allows you to impact the world in the most beautiful way as you live a destiny that is remarkable, with grace and ease.
~You also take home a powerful meditation to maintain your beautiful state.
~You will be initiated to be a Blessing (Deeksha) Giver if you wish to become one.
Deeksha is a oneness blessing that allows the participant to be come a vessel for the Higher Consciousness or the Presence and connect the receiver to their Higher Self or Higher Consciousness.

Investment: $200 through Sept 24th. After September 24th – $250

Register HERE.

Questions? Please contact Sue Winters
or Niki Kapoor

Your Facilitator:

After experiencing spontaneous awakenings in the last 12 years, Niki has been deepening her spiritual awakening by studying with O&O Academy. She has dedicated her life to her transformation.

At O&O Academy Niki found a container that provided her stable wisdom, high frequency and loving support to deepen a bond with her higher consciousness as well as see the nature of mind. Taking this deep journey into the truth of the inner world opened the door for wisdom and transcendental states. The wisdom of O&O Academy has awakened many aspects of her being and allowed her consciousness to blossom. Niki understands what causes suffering and is easily able to move out of it, as well as support others to do the same. She offers a powerful spiritual and consciousness transmission during this course. Her bond and connection with her higher self allows others to have the same experience.

Niki started teaching The Beautiful State after a profound experience of One Consciousness. Moving from separation states to oneness states has been a life changing experience that she is now passionate about sharing with others. Niki lives in Bali and the USA. She has cultivated a beautiful life from a beautiful inner state of being. A life that is rooted in connection to all around her and a deep concern for the well-being of all life forms.

Niki is also a business owner and an alchemist. She developed and owns an all-natural skincare line. Her former clothing business spanned 24 countries and was a world renowned brand. Her experience of the mundane and the spiritual allows her to relate well with the participants she teaches.

Niki encourages all to further their spiritual growth through this and other courses taught at O&O Academy ( where personal transformation, breakthroughs in human thought, heightened levels of consciousness and transcendental states of being are experienced.