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“Creating Financial Stability” (in times of uncertainty!) Maureen McNulty, founder, Bedrock Financial Health

June 3, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Free ZOOM Lunch n Learn
“Creating Financial Stability” (in times of uncertainty!)
Maureen McNulty, founder, Bedrock Financial Health
Wednesday June 3rd 12:00 – 1:30pm via ZOOM

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Whether you are a small entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, retired or someone who just needs a different perspective or financial stability during this time of crisis, come join us for this timely interactive conversation!

Bedrock Financial Health uses unique processes that empower people towards financial stability and wellness. The Bedrock Process is a simple way of redefining modern personal finance and helping people fulfill their individual goals. During this Lunch n Learn the group will be led through the process of identifying and walking towards their personal goals. You will learn how to convert this information into a workable budget. Finally, there will be an interactive Q & A session to explore what is on your mind, as well as challenges you may be facing during this time of turbulence. The format of the process is particularly helpful for small business owners whose business and personal finances are blended.

Maureen believes that financial matters touch every aspect of our lives. Culturally, we treat finances as if they are concrete finite operations, yet we are befuddled, confused and stressed that we or those we love struggle with applying tradition money management tools to achieve financial stability and wellness. When what seems to straightforward and manageable is anything but, we experience shame and embarrassment and resort to choices that keep us stressed, stuck and reinforcing our ineptitude. For many this state of mind causing them to act as if all is manageable when it is not, causes isolation further compounding the problem.
If the assumption is true that financial matters touch almost every aspect of a person’s life then the stress and isolation will carry with a person throwing all aspects of their life out of balance. We believe this solution to financial stability and wellness begin with the person and empowering them to define their financial path. We use best practices and budget formats as tools fitted to the needs of the person, rather than fitting the person into the model. However, it is not only about money. It is about all aspects of that person and how they show up in the world. Balance is achieved when all aspects of that person is considered.
Maureen and Bedrock Financial Health is committed to solving the problem of personal and financial instability for those who find traditional methods of financial management elusive, taxing and/or overwhelming.

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About Maureen
Maureen is from South Bend Indiana and comes from a big family (9 children, she is a twin!) She has been in the valley about 2 ½ years. She began researching our valley about 2 ½ years ago, launching Bedrock Financial Health 2 years ago. She first came to the valley about 5 years ago and after many visits to her son decided this is the community she wants to support. Maureen has 30 years of experience working with nonprofit programs supporting people in all stages of life with coping with tasks of daily living. Primarily in recent years her role has been on the administrative side creating, rehabilitating and/or growing organizations. These experiences led her to the ambition to solve social problems in the private sector and specifically in the arena of financial inclusion.

As the result of a fellowship with a social entrepreneur company looking to address problems of financial inclusion, Maureen set out to address the problem of maintaining financial stability through traumatic events. To start, she wanted to understand and remedy the problems people face sorting out their financial matters when finding sobriety from addiction. Her eldest son came to Carbondale to start his journey to living sober and had found a network and community that supported his process. When Maureen was doing research on how finances impact sobriety and shared what she was learning, he invited her to meet the people he knew here in the Valley to get a better understanding of the reality of the problem that may not be showing up in her research. She planned on being here for a few days and ended up staying for 2 weeks! She loves how the people here were so open and willing to assist her in understanding the problem in a holistic way, often sharing their networks for her to learn more. She came back every 4 weeks staying for 1 to 2 weeks. In a short amount of time she learned that financial stability starts with the person and the plan needed to reflect them personally. She also learned that most of us face the same issues. Financial problems were not unique to those dealing with addiction. Maureen found the Valley an ideal place to be a social entrepreneur and it wasn’t long before she decided this is where she would launch the business. The beautiful landscape was icing on the cake.

Maureen is passionate about contributing to our community. She is connected to 3rd Street Center, Coventure, Roaring Fork Leadership, and the recovery community. Leaning into whatever is supportive of these aspects of the community is what inspires her next move.

Visit her website www.bedrockfinhealth.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/bedrockfinhealth/

BA from Purdue University in Psychology and Social Work
Masters of Nonprofit Administration from the University of Notre Dame
Fellowship with Invanti, a start up generator for Social Entrepreneurship https://www.invanti.co/
Fellowship with Roaring Fork Leadership Academy, 2020


June 3, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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