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Singing to Water

May 23, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The concentrated attention of our words and song can help us remember
our balance, respect, and oneness with Source.

Everyone is invited to join in a celebration of Source Water through a Watershed Way Ceremony wherever you are on the planet on Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 4 pm MDT.

During this time of an infectious pandemic and generalized confusion, we will not gather in a centralized location. rather, we will spread out along the waters of our Valleys and Coastlines. You can choose to visit a water source near your home or sit with a glass of water at your kitchen table.

Preparation: Watch the video “Dancing with Water” with Katrina Blair, founder of Turtle Lake Refuge, Durango Colorado. Dancing with Water Video HERE.

Learn the simple sweet song “Thank You, Water” to sing to water on May 23rd at 4 pm MDT.

Thank you water
I love you water
So grateful for you water
Thank you water
I love you water
So grateful for you water
You are the rain falling down
You are the river flowing over ground
You are the ocean
Sweet big body water mama of ocean
May you be wild
May you be free
Oh you are one with me.
© Katrina Blair

Another source of information about this Singing to Water event is an interview with Katrina Blair on the KDNK program Shifting Gears hosted by Will Evans. Listen HERE.

On May 23rd at 4 pm MDT, KDNK public radio will broadcast a prerecorded conversation with Katrina Blair and Will Evans providing background information on the event and describing a specific call to action that will follow in the weeks and months to come. You are invited to listen in and learn more.

If you do go to a river on May 24th, remember it is the Spring runoff. Use Caution and Be Safe!



“We gather to affirm our alliance with water and although we do not believe the river water is safe to drink, we recognize it is recent human practices that creates this problem. Remember in the not too distant past this water has been drinkable, growable and swimmable.
We affirm our relationship with clean healthy water, we encourage actions for positive change, we honor the basic goodness and life force within the essence of water.” – Will Evans author of “Circulating Source Water.”


Singing to Water’s Call to Action: To spark dialogue through “Watershed Talking Circles” which will encourage and cultivate the feeling of being safe and connected with the natural elements as a primary way we relate to our environment. You are encouraged to gather with friends and kindred spirits (as appropriate given the Covid concerns) to dialogue about your experience of Singing to Water and affirming your relationship with Source.

Donations gratefully accepted!

Singing to Water and Sustaining Tomorrow Today (STT) are active programs of Sustainable Settings   Donations are needed to continue funding projects supporting Source Water celebration and talking circles involving elders and youth.

Tax deductible contributions by check are preferable and can be mailed to Sustainable Settings, 6107 Highway 133, Carbondale, CO 81623.  IMPORTANT Note Sustaining Tomorrow Today on the Memo Line.

Contribution by credit card can be done by email to rose@sustainablesettings.org or by calling 970-963-6107 (Leave a message if no one answers. This is a working farm.)  Again, identify that your gift is on behalf of Sustaining Tomorrow Today and Singing to Water.


May 23, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


anywhere on the planet

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