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Source Dialogues: The Miracle Mechanism of Manifestation Book Study Group

July 29 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Source Dialogues: The Miracle Mechanism of Manifestation Book Study Group
with Lisa McKenzie
Monday, July 29th
6:30 to 8 pm
Third Street Center, Board Room
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Join Lisa for a group read of Gary Springfield’s book Source Dialogues, a compilation of 54 channeled “conversations” with Source that were scribed by Source communicator Sondra Sneed.

In the dialogues Source reveals the lost knowledge of how to activate the crystalline prism known as the Star Tetrahedron, with the power to create harmony, peace, abundance and universal love for you and all of life. The dialogues will guide readers on a spiritual journey that reveals the step-by-step process to balance and align the emotional and physical bodies, which ignites the Divine Mind of the Higher Being you already are.

This is the secret revelation of the Christ Matrix, not a person, but the mechanism of all creation in the universe. All life emanates from Source/God … You are the Divine … now awakening within your bodily form to experience the love and joy of effortless creation on Earth.

Beyond this revelation of joy, Source has a serious message for humanity. The sustainability of life on our planet is in jeopardy, and the current relationship between humankind and earth cannot continue.

Definitely a book for anyone serious about supporting humanity, sentient beings and the planet herself through the next millennium.

Join Lisa for this session and discuss an ongoing process of reading through the book of dialogues with Source.

Fee: $10 per session

Facilitator for the study group sessions:

Lisa McKenzie, BSN, MEd, and MBA, has experience as an RN, school teacher, and meditation teacher. Lisa (spiritual teacher, counselor, healer) has focused her life on practicing and teaching the way of meditating including Golden Light meditation to focus the mind while healing emotional wounds from the past.
Now she has a daily practice of the star tetrahedron meditation that is described in Gary Springfield’s book to become enlightened and bring love and light to others for healing of themselves and the Earth.

As the series unfolds, author Gary Springfield may join by ZOOM to answer questions and give pointers on how to incorporate the information through a daily meditation practice.

Gary Springfield is a gifted visionary, spiritual teacher, healer and meditation master who has dedicated his life to the path of enlightenment.The purpose of his work is to assist individuals in creating spiritual, mental and emotional coherence which allows the innate perfection of the Soul or Higher-Self to be revealed within form.

This integration of the Higher-Self within physicality creates a human/divine form. This is the next stage of evolution on Earth, and will allow humanity to regenerate the planet and eradicate suffering and disease.

Learn more about Gary HERE

Reserve your place by sending an e-mail to info@tcfhf.org

For questions about the book study group and to purchase a copy of the book if you don’t already have one send an e-mail to Lisa McKenzie at lmckenzie1light@gmail.com


July 29
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


The Center for Human Flourishing
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Third Street Center

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