Learn the Equation of Pain and Commit to Heal
with Lori L. Spencer, BA, NCTM, LCMT.
Saturday, January 16th
10am – 6pm
Third Street Center, 520 S Third Street, Carbondale

We are conditioned to believe that pain is a natural outgrowth of aging!
What if this belief is untrue? What if you could learn the formula of pain?  
What if you could assist your body in its natural design and finally begin to heal by committing just thirty minutes a day to your routine? 

Lori_Spencer_PainXpertLogoHeaderCome learn what Lori has to share. You will benefit if

  • you experiencing chronic pain.
  • your body limits you from participating in the activities you love to do – dancing, skiing, walking etc.
  • you have been told “you’ll just have to live with it!”
  • you are tired of taking drugs to “control” your pain.
  • you a practitioner seeking new information to help your clients who are experiencing chronic pain?

This workshop will teach you how to recognize the patterns of behavior that creates the pain cycle and exactly what keeps you stuck. You will have the necessary tools to help your body heal through simple and tried solutions over a decade of research and cases. Lori will lead you to understanding the equation of pain and help you change and heal the pain that holds you hostage

Isn’t it time you tried an approach that works?  Come along on a journey of exploration and free yourself from pain’s grasp.

The workshop is open to individuals who suffer from pain or anyone in the healing arts that wants a different program to help people be free from pain once and for all.

Inflammation Release Technique® is a light pressured, deep tissue protocol for eliminating pain in even the most difficult cases. The approach, less invasive than injections.

FEE: $150 Paypal or Check
To register contact Lori at 844.530.PAIN or 312-636-0440 or

Lori_Spencer_bio_picLori L. Spencer, BA, NCTM, LCMT is a Nationally Certified & Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist, Author, Educator, International Speaker and Developer of the Inflammation Release Technique® and Spence’s Method. Ms. Spencer has taught contemporary health issues courses and served as an honorary advisor to the Health Sciences Department at Northwestern College, in Chicago, Illinois. Lori published her book “7 best Kept Secrets to Painless Aging” in 2007. Her articles have been featured in Massage Magazine, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals newsletter, and Mature Spiritually Magazine.

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