Women Walking in Wholeness Intro

Intro to Women Walking in Wholeness
with Kimberlie Chenoweth, MA
Thursday, August 18th
Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Blank bookcover with clipping pathDo you sense something inside you that’s still longing for expression – something you can’t quite put into words yet yearn to bring into the world?

If so, you’re not alone. All over the planet, visionary women are waking up to the power of that yearning. We’re seeking to embrace our full value, along with the call to heal, evolve, and yes, even to flourish. Yet other obligations, self doubt, and fear can keep us from the quality time and space that are required to unfold the magic within.

Why is it so important to listen to that persistent ‘something inside’ and what can we do more of to nurture this wellspring of our potential?

Join Kimberlie in community with other women for an evening of conversation and inspiration.

EXPLORE together:

  • What is a visionary?
  • Identifying common challenges
  • Inspiration to engage more of your potential
  • Connecting with like-hearted women

Kimberlie C 2016Kimberlie Chenoweth is the founder of The Wholeness Project™ and developer of a transformational mentoring program that helps people claim their place in the world and create the lives they’re meant to be living. She specializes in helping women bring their authentic essence to light so they can find their places of true belonging and thrive. She’s the author of two books, Walking In Wholeness: Women Reclaiming Authentic Passion, Purpose, and Power and Reclaiming Wholeness: Letting Your Light Shine Even If You’re Scared To Be Seen.

$10 suggested donation for Davi Nikent
Contact Kimberlie@thewholenessproject.com or (970) 618-1976


For more information see  www.TheWholenessProject.com