Film Event: Relationship as an Evolutionary Path – a documentary

Annalisa Mather

Annalisa Mather

Richard Moss, MD

Richard Moss, MD

Thursday, August 22, 7pm
Calaway Room, Third Street Center 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

FEATURED DOCUMENTARY: Relationship as an Evolutionary Path: Richard Moss Interviews Jack Zimmerman and Jacqueline McCandless.

Can relationship be a path to deep intimacy and a means of consciousness evolution?

Annalisa Mather videoed Dr. Richard Moss when he interviewed Jack Zimmerman and Jacqueline McCandless at their home in Hawaii.

Join Richard in this provocative interview with these exceptional elders as they discuss how to live relationship as a path to profound intimacy and as a means of consciousness evolution.
You will be invited to learn: • what women have to teach men about sexuality, spirituality, and love. • what it requires for a man to be a complete lover. • whe art of intimate discussion and sexual communion as spiritual practices. • how relationships are strengthened by including the shadow. • that intimacy is a global affair.

Richard and Annalisa will be at the event to introduce the film and answer questions afterwards.

A trailer of the film is available at

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