Holotropic Breathwork led by Dr. Dia Lynn, Grof Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Saturday, September 7th

Dia Lynn 2008 139Join Dr. Dia Lynn for a day of transformational breathwork.

8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
A Spiritual Center
520 S. 3rd St., Ste 31
Carbondale, CO 81623

Holotropic Breathwork© is an elegantly simple, minimalist ritual using elements that support the healing work in non-ordinary states of consciousness with protection, permission, and connection. We use evocative music, rapid breathing, focused bodywork and mandala drawing to support the process. Breathwork is a spiritual and psychological container, without dogma, that invites the inner healer to do its work of bringing us to greater awareness, wholeness, and healing and that provides safety for the surrender into a state of cooperation with the inner healer.

A safe container provides a simple, familiar (after the first time) structure. A trained facilitator assists as needed. The fact that a group of people are entering into a Non Ordinary State of Consciousness together often gives a sense of permission to each individual breather.
Eyes are generally closed. This usually gives a breather a sense of safety and privacy, as well as an inner, rather than outward, focus. Needs, wishes, and boundaries are respected.

Dia Lynn has been facilitating Holotropic Breathwork since her certification with Drs. Stan and Christina Grof in 1991. She has a long career as a body worker, a holistic healer and teacher in California, and Maui HI. Dia ran Center of Balance in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs Colo. from 1993-97. She is now an Ordained Religious Science Minister teaching metaphysical classes and A Course in Miracles in Pacific Grove, California. She maintains close ties with the Roaring Fork Valley through her sister Marti Barbour.

Fee: $150.00 before Aug. 18. $175.00 afterward. Payable by check to Dia Lynn 19135 Garden Valley Way, Salinas, CA 93908
With application form included. Credit cards can be processed over the phone. 831.998.7400.

Pre-registration required with a signed Medical Release. No applications or fees will be collected at the door. Apply through dia@dialynn.com. Fees will be collected after approval.
Questions? Call Dia at 831.998.7400 Local contact is Marti Barbour 970.319-8829
Dia Lynn’s information on these websites:
www.equilibrium-bodywork.com (Emotional Body – Holotropic Breathwork)
Event supported by Davi Nikent