Who Are You? Recognizing 7 Creative Archetypes with Ardis Hoffman, Authentic Life Coach, Executive Director C7i

Saturday, March 8th
9:30 am – 12:00 pm 
Calaway Room, Third Street Center
520 Third Street, Carbondale

The first step to self love is understanding who we are as creative beings. This workshop will explore the 7 Creative Archetypes (King, Server, Warrior, Artisan, Priest, Scholar, Sage) and explain how these impact our relationships. We are born with a combination of these 7 archetypes to learn our life lessons, be in relationships and have a meaningful life with purpose. Unfortunately, our parents did not know how to recognize who we are and they had their own ideas of how we should “be” in order to be “good”. As adults, we are likely still living out these beliefs, which cause stress and other negative emotions. These negative emotions are an indicator that we are not being our “higher self”. When we love our self, we experience joy and attract experiences and people into our life that support and love us – just the way we are! Come have fun and discover which archetypes resonate with you!

Fee: $45

Ardis Hoffman is a certified Master Coach and Trainer in Alignment Technologies (a human potential technology) and Authentic Life Coach.Ardis Hoffman 2

More information at www.c7i.org or call Ardis at 303-305-9664.

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