Natural Transitions with Karen van Vuuren, Editor of Natural Transitions Magazine, Home funeral/green burial educator


Karen van Vuuren

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DYING WISH – the documentary: A Dying Doctor’s Decision to Stop Eating and Drinking in Order to Die in Grace.DyingWishPic

A special community screening of this award-winning film with expert panel and Q and A with Natural Transitions director, Karen van Vuuren.

Panel guests include:

  • Lesa Russo, Oncology nurse
  • Father Harrison Hiedel, Episcopal priest, former ICU and hospice nurse.
  • Sean Jeung, Chaplain/Hospice, bereavement coordinator
Suggested donation: $10

TO BE RESCHEDULEDcontact or call 303-443-3418 for more information.

Sacred Death Care Workshop: Helping you to reclaim your innate ability to care for your dead in a more personal, green, and healing way.

A Special Discounted Workshop (half the regular price for a full day) to educate and empower you in the art of Sacred Death Care… to overcome your fears and step into the most healing way of preparing for your loved-one’s death and caring for them in the most personal, green and healing way when they transition.

Fee: $95.

REGISTER through the Natural Transitions at
Space is limited so RSVP for the workshop to 303-443-3418.

For more information contact or call 303-443-3418.

Events supported by Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing.