Native American Drum Making Workshop with Danny Shuford, founder of Dark Horse Drums

To be rescheduled – contact for more information

Dark Horse Drum

Dark Horse Drum

The workshop is designed not only to teach participants how to make their own drum, but also to teach the spiritual connection the drum has played in both past and present ceremony.

Great time and care is spent on preparing the materials along with the heart in proper intent and blessings. Drum tone and vibration is the result of a quality shell combined with a good head or skin. These drums are made with 5 ply birch shells from real drums creating a much fuller and richer sound.

In the workshop you will create an instrument that can be used in ceremony for vibrational self healing.

Read about Danny’s interest and depth of experience with drum making HERE. kat-and-danny-at-Sallys-edit-200x300

Cost: $130 includes instruction and all materials.
Registration is limited as supplies have to be ordered ahead of time.
Register through or call 970-963-1874.

Questions about the workshop e-mail Danny at