Reiki II Training & Attunement with Claire O’Leary

Saturday, August 29, 2015
10 am to 4 pm
915 Colorow Road, Glenwood Springs

If you’re ready for the effects of Level II Reiki – including at least doubling the healing effects you have on yourself and othersReiki-Energy-Healing-Treatments and learning how to create a manifestation grid – this is your big chance.

Act quickly because the Reiki II class is only 2 days away! (Saturday August 29th.)

Physically, Reiki has the potential to help your body heal itself in many ways, reduce stress, relieve pain, focus your mind to help you solve problems, center your thoughts when you are confused and so much more. Its greatest potential is for intuitive knowledge and self realization. It’s a great starting point for expanding your intuition, opening your heart and connecting to Divine Inspiration.

Included in class:

  • 2nd degree Attunement to exponentially increase the energy flow
  • NEW 60+ page Manual
  • NEW Heart Opening Meditation

The 3 Pillars of Reiki
The 2nd degree sacred symbols and how to use them
How to use Distance Reiki to help others
Empower your goals and intentions with a Manifestation grid
NEW How to use Chakra pairs for healing
NEW Hand placements for specific ailments

Reiki leads to opening your heart and consequently living a life filled with joy, passion and inspiration.

Haven’t yet completed Reiki I training? Call or e-mail to learn more about the next class.CONTACT CLAIRE | Call: 303.5ClaireIMG_rnd-turq-bg25.6893 Email:

Claire O’Leary is a Reiki Master and intuitive healer whooffers Reiki classes, Journaling classes, doTerra essential oils and private Energy Treatments.

Founder of Clear Heart Healing Arts and Profound Journaling, Claire guides women to release emotional pain and connect with their Higher Self through workshops, Reiki and essential oils, so they can feel more joy, speak their truth and live life …inspired.