The Marvels of Bio Energetic Testing

The Marvels of Bio Energetic Testing
BioSynergy: Beyond the Basics

with Donna Lee Humble, Holistic Lifestyle Coach
specializing in bioenergetic testing, Spiritual Teacher, Emotional Release Expert and Owner of bioSynergy
Thursday, March 24
6:30 pm
Calaway Room, Third Street Center
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, Colorado

Donna Lee with Bio ComputerLearn why Computerized BioEnergetic Screening is the most significant breakthrough in holistic health in decades and how it works. The biggest advantage of bioenergetic testing is that it literally takes the guess work out of determining which toxins are causing imbalance. This non invasive system combines ancient wisdom with modern technology and provides a highly accurate method for bringing your body back to homeostasis.

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Donna-Lee-HumbleDonna Lee established a private practice in Glenwood Spings over 14 years ago. She helps proactive holistic minded individuals take the guess work out of becoming the healthiest they can be.

Questions? You can reach Donna Lee at 970-274-1680 or through the contact page at