Living from Open-Hearted Awareness: Level 2 Retreat

Living from Open-Hearted Awareness: Level 2 Retreat with Loch Kelly, M.Div., LCSW
Sunday, July 24th
12:30 to 4:30 pm
Eagle County Community Center Sopris Room
20 Eagle County Drive, El Jebel, CO 81623

Loch-Kelly-2008-photoLoch Kelly is offering this Living From Open-Hearted Awareness Level Two Retreat for those who have read his book, Shift Into Freedom, and have listened to the audio of the meditations, or whose who attend the Saturday event at Aspen Chapel. (To attend Saturday at Aspen Chapel register HERE.)

These conditions are not meant to exclude anyone. They are recommended so attendees have common background and vocabulary to be able to dive deeply into the support of realization, abiding, expression and unfolding.

Highly recommended for people who are on a spiritual path and/or have tried different types of meditation. Having experienced some of the initial benefits, it is now possible to discover awakening as the next stage of your human development. Just as there are helpful pointers to the initial stage of “waking up,” there are also ways to support “waking-in” to our natural embodied well-being. From “waking-in” we then unfold into “waking-out” to be able to create and compassionately relate.  Waking up leads to freedom from the fear of death. Waking-in leads to freedom from the fear of life. And waking-out leads to freedom from the fear of love.

You will learn Loch’s contemporary versions of the ancient wisdom practices of effortless mindfulness and heart mindfulness through a series of awareness glimpses, peer inquiry, embodiment practices, and nondual pointers. As a result of these practices you will begin to retrain your brain to remain in open-hearted awareness and hold this state as you transition back to everyday life.

loch-kelly-book-shift-into-freedom-book-cvrShift Into Freedom is “one of best contemporary books on integration of meditation and nonduality. Personally, I’m thankful to Loch for offering this gift to humanity at this crucial time.” ~ Anam Thubten

Donation: $40 at the door.
For more information e-mail or call 970-618-5879

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Loch’s events co-sponsored by Aspen Chapel
and Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing.