Holotropic Breathwork Introduction

Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork
with Dia Lynn, RsD
Wednesday, August 9th
6:30 to 8 pm

3rd Street Center,
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Interested in Transpersonal Psychology, Rebirthing or non-ordinary states of consciousness?

Join Dia Lynn, RsD for this FREE event to learn how these states of consciousness can be experienced safely, affordably and close to home.

Dr. Stan Grof & Dia Lynn, RsD

Dia has been working with Dr. Stanislav Grof since 1991 when she completed facilitator’s training.  Dia will share excerpts from a video interview with Dr. Grof about his work with psychedelic research and how he came to develop Holotropic Breathwork. She will give some examples of possible experiences during breathing sessions as well as Grof’s map of perinatal psychology.

This introduction is a step to prepare you to join Dia in a day long workshop experiencing Holotropic Breathwork scheduled for Saturday, August 19th.

Questions? Contact Dia Lynn, RsD at (831)601.3338 or dia@dialynn.com
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