2016 Events, Programs, Films, Workshops and more

Davi Nikent Events, Programs, Films, Workshops and more

(not all events – just some highlights of 2016)

Gratitude to all the people – practitioners, authors, teachers, entrepreneurs, wellness experts and more
who presented their expertise, wisdom and work with us.
A special THANK YOU to the people who came to the programs!
You ALL made 2016 a great success!

Please help us do the same and more in 2017
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To learn more about our presenters and collaborators click on the links below.


Nip Cyclic Thinking and The Marvels of BioEnergetic Testing with Donna Lee Humble

Cynthia Clark

Chinese New Year Preparation with Cynthia Clark

Moments Out of Time – acoustic Vibrations with Conor Johnson and friends

What is Energy Medicine? – Panel Presentation

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) – promoting and supporting the work of Dr. David Berceli http://traumaprevention.com/

Bio-Energy Intro and Sessions with Misha

Yolanda Del Hierro

Benefits for Brain Integration with Yolanda Del Hierro

Women Walking in Wholeness with Kimberlie Chenoweth, founder for The Wholeness Project http://thewholenessproject.com/

Human Design Level I Part I and II and other offerings by Shari Billger  http://www.sharibillger.com/

META-Health Transformational Healing and other offerings with Jon Robson and Lisbeth Lundgaard https://www.facebook.com/META-Health-Events-1526339981012013/ and https://thecenterforhumanflourishing.org/2016/10/18/transformational-healing-workshop/

Claire O’Leary

Reiki Classes: Introduction and Levels I, II and III with Claire O’Leary founder of Clear Heart Healing Arts

Neuromovement – Introduction and Ongoing Sessions with Jessi Hastings, RN, LMT, Iyengar Yoga teacher and Anat Baniel Method Practitioner


Spring Into Wellness – First Friday in April. Showcasing healthy eating, active living, wellness organizations and businesses in Carbondale and beyond https://thecenterforhumanflourishing.org/2016/03/11/spring-into-wellness/

Aspen Ute Foundation Annual Celebration of Indigenous Culture

Suzanne Giesemann

Getting Out of the Box: An Evening with Suzanne Giesemann

An Evening with Lisa Dancing-Light and Friends
featuring The Song of Love

Dr. Kurt Johnson

From Self Care to Earth Care – presentation and conversation with teachers, authors, visionaries from the Interspiritual Multiplex

Living from Open-Hearted Awareness: A weekend with Loch Kelly, author of Shift into Freedom: the Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness co- hosted by the Aspen Chapel

Frame Drum Fire with Marla Leigh co-sponsored by 13 Moons Ranch

Fr Francis Tiso

Fr Francis Tiso

An Evening with Fr. Francis Tiso, author of Rainbow Body and Resurrection: Spiritual Attainment, the Dissolution of the Material Body, and the Case of khenpo A Cho

Heart Centered Holidays – showing casing local practitioners, authors, therapists in the health and wellness realm. https://thecenterforhumanflourishing.org/2016/11/08/heart-centered-holidays-2/


Sacred Journey of the Heartwww.sacredjourneyoftheheart.com

Arranged – a film about Relationship; co-sponsored by TRUU

Messages of Hope – a documentary of an astounding career change http://messagesofhope.tv/

The High Cost of Cheap Gas – a documentary http://allianceearth.org/the-high-cost-of-cheap-gas-fracking-in-the-karoo/

Forks Over Kniveshttps://www.forksoverknives.com/the-film/


Systemic Family and Community Constellations Introductions and Sessions with Carol Shure

Greg Feinsinger, MD

Free Heart Disease Diabetes Stroke Prevention Consultations with Dr. Greg Feinsinger by appointment on Monday mornings, Third Street Center, Carbondale

Prevention of Disease through Nutrition PowerPoint presentation and discussion with Dr. Greg Feinsinger on the First Monday of every month at Third Street Center, Carbondale

Ardis Hoffman

Ardis Hoffman

Plant-Based Whole Foods Cooking Classes with Ardis Hoffman, CMC Blake Center, Glenwood Springs.

Community Potluck for Plant-Based Whole Foodies or “Wannabes” the 4th Monday of every month at Third Street Center, Carbondale.

Plant-Based Whole Foods Prepared Meals

Heart Healthy Meals

Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing supports the 28 Day Plant Based Whole Foods Prepared Meals program
initiated in March 2014 by Dr. Greg Feinsinger, founder of The Center for Prevention and Treatment of Disease through Nutrition.

Ardis in kitchen crpdMeals for heart health and more are currently lovingly prepared by Ardis Hoffman, founder of Heart Healthy Meals, LLC at the kitchen with the VIEW just north of Prince Creek Road.

Ardis prepares lunch and dinner meals that are frozen and packaged for pick up at Third Street Center in Carbondale.

Program success is validated by the glowing reports from participants – delicious meals, weight loss, lower blood pressure, decreasing heart medication and more.

Download general information about the Heart Healthy Meals program here – HHM General Flyer.
Have questions? Want to order meals for a week or more?
Call Ardis at  970.510.6390 or email ardishoffman@gmail.com for more information on the meal program.
For more information contact info@davinikent.org or call 970-618-5879.

Systemic Family Constellations Intros and Workshops Resume


Carol Shure has returned to the valley after a winter hiatus in California. She is offering Intros and Workshops this month in the powerful process of Systemic Family Constellations.

Carol ShureA message from Carol:

“I am SO excited and inspired to be back in the Valley, offering Systemic Constellation Work!!

My choice to be here comes from an inner knowing that is beyond my rational mind (which would like to go anywhere warm right about now!!) that it is here that I am to be.

There is a powerful momentum in Community when we dive in, support and witness one another. In this work we honor and release the past, and remove blocks such as whose consciousness from the family lineage is active in such a way that they are impeding our movement forward? What is the future that you’re trying to manifest? What is your forward movement?

We will gather this month to ask these and other questions.

There are groups forming and openings in all of the upcoming intro’s and workshops in February.

If you haven’t let me know that you would like to be a focus client for any of these events, let me know as soon as possible.”

Check out the schedule and plan on joining one or more of the offerings at Third Street Center.

Introduction to Systemic Family Constellation
Wednesday, February 3rd, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm, $30.00
Location: Third Street Center, 520 S. 3rd Street, Calaway Room, Carbondale

Systemic Family Constellation All-Day Workshop
Saturday, February 6th, 10 am – 5:30 pm, $135.00 as a focus client, $50.00 as a representative or observer
Location: Third Street Center, 520 S. 3rd Street, Calaway Room, Carbondale

Introduction to Systemic Family Constellation
Tuesday, February 16th, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm, $30.00
Location: Third Street Center, 520 S. 3rd Street, Calaway Room, Carbondale

Systemic Family Constellation All-Day Workshop

Saturday, February 20th, 10:00 pm – 5:00 pm, $135.00 as a focus client, $50.00 as a representative or observer 
Location: Third Street Center, 520 S. 3rd Street, Calaway Room, Carbondale

For a half-hour complimentary consultation, or to pre-register for these workshops, contact Carol at (831) 218-5770 or email at carolshure@yahoo.com.